Ф Faculty of Design & Technology

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308033, г. Белгород, ул. Губкина, 53, 2 этаж, кабинет 2.8
+7 (4722) 51-76-04


Academic Departments

  • Environment and Fashion Design
  • Applied Arts
  • Drawings, Painting and Sculpture
  • Graphic Design and Media Technologies
  • Scientific and Educational Design Centre


History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Design was founded in 2003. Since March 2004, the Faculty is headed by Zoya Chernaya. Since its first days the Faculty aimed at building an advanced artistic and design education programme to form an integral part and a functional component of Russia’s developing art and design culture.


Teaching/Learning Activity

The Faculty’s professional school is based on creative paradigms and pedagogic policies which determine the curriculum content and education plans. The latters comprise goal-oriented and system integration approaches that consistently integrate various kinds of activities necessary for achievement of professional and educative purposes.

Our goal is to train professional designers for current constantly changing and developing art and design culture. We provide secondary and higher education development, taking into account permanent dynamics of the «education-and-practice» educational system as well as formation of students’ competencies in Arts, Design, Architecture, Ethnic Arts, and Humanities within the process of their integration of folk artistic traditions and modern approaches to art and design culture.

We are keen to develop in our students highest professional, social, intellectual and personal qualities to prepare them to meet strong professional challenge and competition.

The Faculty is engaged in developing Design as an artistic and technological activity oriented on creating and shaping sustainable object-spatial, workspace, living, information and communication, social and cultural environment efficient to contribute to both growth of economy’s competitive potential and improving the quality of life of people.

The Faculty’s teaching stuff includes over 50 teachers, many of them are members of Russian unions of designers, artists, architects, and many of them have been awarded honorary titles of Meritorious Artist and Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The Faculty offers the following undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees:

Secondary Education programmes

  1. Design
    • Environmental Design
    • Graphic Design
  2. Decorative and Applied Arts, Folk Arts and Crafts

Bachelor’s degree programmes 

  1. Technique of Artistic Setting for Spectacle
    • Stage designer/engineer
  2. Folk Artistic Culture
    • Designing and delivering courses of decorative and applied arts
  3. Design
    • Graphic design
    • Costume design
    • Environmental graphic design
  4. Decorative, Applied Arts, Folk Arts and Crafts

Specialist’s Degree programmes

  1. Graphics
    • Graphic artist (Book Art)
  2. Sculpture
    • Sculpture artist

Master’s Degree programme:

  1. Design
    • Graphic design
    • Costume design
    • Environmental graphic design
  2. Decorative, Applied Arts, and Folk Arts and Crafts
    • Decorative painting


External Links

Within the framework of educational and research activities, the Faculty cooperates with leading institutes and universities of Russia and abroad:  Southwest University (Kursk, Russia), Russian State University of Tourism and Service (Moscow, Russia), Moscow State University of Design and Technology (Moscow, Russia), Krasnodar State Institute of Culture (Krasnodar, Russia), Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts (Kharkiv, Ukraine), Kherson National Technical University (Kherson, Ukraine).