N Information and key facts

Михаил Афанасьевич Ивашечкин

Mikhail Ivashechkin

The director - from 1960 till 1974

Анна Павловна Родионова

Anna Rodionova

The deputy director of educational work of Belgorod cultural and educational specialized college in 1961.

Роза Михайловна Бурцева

Roza Burtseva

The director from 1974 till 1982

Николай Иванович Тихов

Nikolay Tikhov

The director from 1982 till 1992

Михаил Семенович Жиров

Mikhail Zhirov

The director from 1992 till 2002

Евгений Викторович Шварёв

Evgeny Shvarev

The rector from 2008 till 2011

Ирина Борисовна Игнатова

Irina Ignatova

The rector from 2011 till 2017

Сергей Иванович Курганский

Sergey Kurgansky

The rector from 2002 till 2008 and from 2017 till today

Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture is one of leading educational institutions of the region, with the main aim to train highly skilled professionals in social and cultural sphere. Our training programs are based on scientifically developed, proven and certified model of ethnic and cultural education according to the following type: Children’s Art School, College of Culture and Arts, University of Arts and Culture, Master’s program, department of post-graduate education with the succession of curriculums and programs.

The University consists of 5 faculties, the department of post-graduate education, Art school, spiritual and educational center, S. Degtyarev Musical College, regional center of advanced professional education and a methodology center for arts education.

  The quality level of training provided is ensured by high quality of our Faculty. The majority of our teachers have scientific degrees and academic titles as well as honorary degrees in the sphere of arts and culture. Our teaching and academic staff includes professors, doctors of sciences, associate professors and candidates of science, People’s and Honored artists of the Russian Federation, Meritorious artists, Honored workers of culture of the Russian Federation, Honored workers of higher school, Honored artists, members of the Artists’ Union of the Russian Federation, members of the Union of Architects of Russia, and members of Association of Designers of Russia.