Т Ensemble Direction

Руководство коллектива
  • Denis Primorskii
    artistic director, assistant professor of the Choreography Art Department
  • Iana Primorskaiia
    artistic director

Аbout the ensemble

The Theatre of Free Plastique «Vysota» is unquestionably one of the most magnificent, vibrant, unique and creative dance ensembles of the Belgorod region. Its dancers are most prominent students, postgrad students and most talented teachers of the Choreography Art Department.

Their creative work embraces the Arts of Choreography, of Acting and of Direction. Every performance has a professionally developed story line where eternal beauty interlaces with pervasive grace of movement and precise force of gesture. The elevated aesthetics of human feelings is expressed by using to full advantage the whole potential of modern artistic setting which allows the spectators to fuller understand the artist’s idea, to empathize and sympathize. Choreographic compositions devoted to present-day issues of heavy burden of women, love, faith, and patriotism are performed lyrically, in loving atmosphere, and supported by a variety of stage sets.

The repertoire includes about 30 independent and self-contained compositions, a solo project «On the Move» and a choreographic theatre piece «Don’t Leave Me». The Theatre has gained numerous awards, Grand-prix of all-Russia and international contests and festivals, among which are: The Regional Festival Competition «Students’ Spring» (laureate, 2006-2013, Belgorod), International Festival Competition «Eternity, Harmony and Grace» (laureate, 2008, Saint-Petersburg), The XVI International Festival «Oskol Dance» (Grand-prix, 2009, 2010, 2012, Stary Oskol), The III Open international Festival Competition «The Slavic Cup» (Laureate I, 2010, Saint Petersburg), The XXXI International Festival Competition of Artistic Collectives «The Unity of»Russia» (Grand-prix, 2011, Moscow).

In January 2013, the Theatre obtained the title of Professional Ensemble. In April 2014, the Theatre of Free Plastique «Vysota» participated in the project «Days of»Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture in Gdansk», jointly organized by the Rossotrudnichestvo mission in Poland and BGIIK International Centre for Science and Education.