Ф Faculty of Stage Direction, Art and Technique of Acting, and Choreography

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308033, г. Белгород, ул. Королёва, 7, корпус 2, 2 этаж, аудитория 2.22
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  • Stage Direction of Dramatized Performances and Festivals
  • The Art and Technique of Acting
  • The Choreographic Art
  • Theory and Methods of the Art of Choreography
  • Scientific and Education Centre for Arts


History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Stage Direction, the Art and Technique of Acting, and Choreography was established in 2011 after the Faculty of Creative Arts was reorganized.


Teaching/Learning Activity

The Faculty trains highly qualified professionals in folk arts and culture, the arts of acting, choreography, and stage direction of festivals and dramatized performances. The Faculty provides a conductive environment for developing and cultivating each student's talent and skill levels for working in the creative industry. The students are taught by faculty fellows who are reputed theorists and professionals with high potential for teaching, research and creative work.

Resulting from the process of reasonable adjustment, creative and artistic work is an integral part of teaching/learning process here. The Faculty’s educators and performance ensembles are actively engaged in organizing and coordinating theatrical, dramatic and nondramatic, production in Belgorod, the Belgorod region, in whole Russia, and abroad. The academic training schedule is arranged to take place both on-campus and off-campus, hosted by various town’s and region’s organizations committed to development of students’ professional skills and talent.

The Faculty possesses ample facilities and resources, comprising lecture halls, teaching-and-practice rooms, rooms for individual teacher-and-student work, a number of dancing rooms, and two recital halls with professional stage, lightning, and sound equipment.

The Faculty offers the following undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees:

Secondary Education programmes

  1. 51.02.01 Folk Arts
    • The Art of Choreography
    • The Art of Theatre
  2. 51.02.02 Social and Cultural Activities
    • Organising and direction of public cultural events and theatrical performances

Bachelor’s degree programmes 

  1. 52.03.01 The Art of Choreography
  2. 53.03.04 The Art of Folk Singing
  3. 51.03.02 The Amateur and Folk Culture
    • Leading an amateur dance troupe
    • Designing and delivering courses in craft and art of cinematography, photography and video
    • Running an amateur theatre
  4. 51.03.03 Social and Cultural Activities
    • Staging and producing cultural and leisure activity programmes

Specialist’s Degree programmes

  1. 52.05.01 The Art of Acting

Master’s Degree programmes

  1. 44.04.01 Pedagogical Education
    • Choreography Education


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