Т The folk ensemble Vezelitsa

Руководство коллектива
  • Татьяна Сергеевна Савченко
    Художественный руководитель ансамбля, балетмейстер-постановщик, доцент кафедры хореографического творчества
  • Михаил Иванович Шарабарин
    Музыкальный руководитель ансамбля, директор-проректор по музыкальному образованию, доцент кафедры народных инструментов, заслуженный работник культуры РФ
  • Денис Сергеевич Борисенко
    Балетмейстер-постановщик ансамбля
  • Наталья Петровна Шамина
    Хормейстер ансамбля, доцент кафедры искусства народного пения

Аbout the ensemble

The folk ensemble Vezelitsa was originally founded as three separate musical ensembles: of dancers, of singers, and of musicians. It was as early as 1983 that their directors came to decision for the three collectives to start performing on stage together, which allowed the newly formed folk ensemble to make a statement of themselves very soon after beginning. Ever since Vezelitsa remains a well-known and widely beloved folk group often described in scientific terms as an artistic laboratory which gives its effort to pursue their original commitment to the preservation and development of the region’s traditions of singing and dancing. Every singing and choreographic composition is significant for cherishing and preserving the authentic Belgorod folklore in modern on-stage performances.

Their repertoire includes folk, lyrical and dance songs, folktunes of Belgorod and other regions of Russia as well as adaptations and author compositions, modern arrangements of best folk songs along with author’s variations. The great effort given to promotion and popularization of folk choreography and singing culture is the signature feature of Vezelitsa. Their work covers every possible aspect of folk art: the history of ancestral traditions, ceremonies and every-day life. The ensemble’s schedule is loaded with tours and guest performances both in regions of Russia and far away: Bulgaria, Italy, Mongolia, China and other countries. For example, in June 2014, Vezelitsa made a spectacular performance in Jordan after having been invited by the Rossotrudnichestvo mission and Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Amman.

The Vezelitsa’s directors are both gifted artists and talented teachers who can not only transmit traditional culture to children without forcing it but light young hearts with love for cultural heritage, its preservation and development. So fostered singers, dancers and musicians led the ensemble to numerous awards, Grand-prix of all-Russia and international contests and festivals, among which are: International Festival Competition «Let's dance and sing, young Russia!» (the first prizewinner, 2008), International Festival Competition «The Union of Talents of Russia» (Grand-prix), The VII International Festival of young performers «Russia. Victory. Love» (the winner), The V All-Russia Contest of Russian Folk Singers «Voices of Russia» (shortlisted for the final audition, 2009).

In January 2013 with support of the Governor of the Belgorod region, Vezelitsa gained the status of Professional Ensemble. The year 2014 was Vezelitsa’s 30th Anniversary. In the same year they won the nomination of «The Best Ensemble» at The III Interregional Festival of the Slavic Art «Russkoe Pole» in Moscow. In 2015, the ensemble took part in International Folk Festival in Switzerland to once again prove they rightfully deserve the title of the best folk ensemble.