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Center activities

Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture is one of the developing creative higher educational institutions in Russia. For many years, BSUAC has been conducting successful international cooperation in the field of education and science with many foreign universities and educational organizations.

Currently, the university considers international activities as one of the main areas of its work and implements it in the following areas:

• cooperation in the field of scientific and educational activities;

• international creative activity;

• international student mobility and academic exchanges;

• international relations in the field of export of educational services.

More than 300 foreign citizens from more than 20 countries of the world study at BSUAC (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Serbia, China, Iraq, Syria, Ecuador, Mexico, Egypt, Spain, Colombia, Latvia, Morocco, Tajikistan, etc.)

Every year the teaching staff and teams of Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture participate in more than 50 international projects and events.

The strategic goals for the international activities of the university are:

1. Development of the university as an institution of international level in terms of educational, scientific and creative activities.

2. Positioning of BSUAC as a prestigious partner for foreign educational and scientific centers for the implementation of modern educational and scientific programs, competitive in the international market of educational services, attractive to foreign students and professors.

The main objectives of the international activities of the university are:

1. Development of strategic partnership with foreign educational and scientific centers and universities.

2. Creation of conditions for academic mobility of professors and students.

3. Implementation of a consistent line of attracting foreign citizens to study at the university for a full educational cycle.

4. Intensification of the creative international activity of the university.

We are open for mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign partners, and our experience in conducting international scientific, educational and creative projects can be useful to our colleagues from other countries.



Global Cooperation

Today the University continues enlarging its international dimensions and enhancing its globally renowned reputation.

BSUAC has partner agreements with more than 50 universities and educational organizations from more than 30 countries all over the world. Within this fruitful cooperation, BSUAC participates in various programmes and implements degree initiatives and agreements.

Annually, different foreign specialists visit BSUAC for participation in various scientific events, development and introduction of new courses, research work and other international activity.

Here, academic teams carry out many joint international projects; students and faculties get support from different grant making organizations.