May 27, 1960      Was established in Belgorod as region’s only school for cultural education.


June 20, 1960     Mikhail Ivashechkin, veteran of the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), twice awarded by the Order of the Red Star, by the Order of the Patriotic War of the Second Class, and by the Order of October Revolution, becomes the school’s first Principal.


1963                    The first class graduates from the cultural and educational school.


1989                    Changes its name to Belgorod School of Culture, having trained over 5000 professionals by that time. More than 20 of its graduates became Honoured Workers of Culture. 


1995                    Belgorod School of Culture is among first organizations of the kind to be licensed as a secondary professional institution of a new type and changes its name to Belgorod State College of Culture and Arts.


2000                    Grows into an institution of Higher education, and Honoured Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Cand.Sc. (Education) Mikhail Zhirov becomes its rector.


2002                    Honoured Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Science (Education), Can.Sc. (Sociology), member of Academy of Acmeology, corresponding member of International Academy of Pedagogical Sciences Sergey Kurganskii (who presently holds the position of Head of Office for Cultural Affairs of the Belgorod Region) becomes the second rector.


2008                              Cand.Sc. (Sociology) Evgeny Shvarev followed Sergei Kurganskii as rector.


2011                              Doctor of Science (Education), member of Peter the Great Academy of Science & Art, Prof. Irina Ignatova gains the position of rector.