O Office of Science and Research

Контактная информация
308033, г. Белгород, ул. Королёва, 7, 3 этаж, кабинет 315
+7 (4722) 54-23-50


The activities of the office

The Office of Science and Research exists to provide coordination of research and innovative activities, aims at enhancing scientific potential of our academic staff. The Office helps all the departments and teams to organise scientific events and research networks.

Research activity covered by the remit of the Office falls into three main parts:

  • basic (fundamental) research to create hypotheses, theories, methods from which conceptual frameworks for applied research projects are developed;

  • applied research projects - original works which offer new ways to employ basic research findings and novel solutions to existing problems;

  • exploratory development of new materials, products, procedures, services, systems, and methods based on gained knowledge from basic and applied research.

Our innovative activity covers creating innovations and adopting proven ones, developing new ideas and techniques, patenting, review and implementation of products for Education service market.

We also encourage research activity Academic Staff; create favourable conditions to attract young researchers and to promote research quality. The Office’s continuous combined effort results in constant improvement, update, and revision of our information space.

Office of Science and Research works on creating beneficial conditions for integration of Science and Education, which we regard as a system for training arts and cultural providers. 


Main Research Areas and Artistic Schools

Our areas of research interest are Arts, Culture and Humanities. Within this breadth, several particular themes related to the areas may be highlighted:

  • Library Communications in Modern Social-Cultural Space
  • Social Innovation Management in Arts, Culture, and Education
  • Philosophy of Religion and Religious Basis of Culture
  • Teaching and Educational Work in Arts and Culture
  • Educational System: Development Management
  • Theory and Methods of Professional Education in Culturology
  • Art of Choreography in Slavic Peoples’ Culture
  • Preservation and Development of Realist Traditions in the Art of Theatre
  • Musical Art: Regional and Ethnic Specialisms
  • Design as Esthetic Basis for Social-Cultural Space Formation
  • Current Paradigms of Cultorological and Cross-Disciplinary Research 
  • Theoretical Basis of Festive Culture