U Undergraduate Research

There are many ways for every undergraduate of ours to participate in Student Research Community which offers various opportunities to engage young people in contemporary research, scientific work, organisation and creative activities. 



At the Student Research Community, we introduce undergraduates to science work from the very first months of being students and further encourage their interest and development in science. The community promotes scientific creativity based on the unity of science and practice. We also seek to foster the students’ interest to basic research which advances fundamental knowledge about the world and leads to new knowledge.

Apart from that, Student Research Community helps to accumulate information on scientific events organised here and at other institutions, and to share it with its members and other students. We closely cooperate with other educational institutions of the Belgorod region, Russia, and abroad to introduce and adopt the latest forms and methods of student scientific work organisation. 



Our members take part in conferences, forums, workshops organised by both BGIIK and other educational institutions of the town, the region, and the country. They are proud to restore among young people the prestige of research career and creative activities.

Through research activities, here in the Student Research Community we promote creative attitude to the profession among students. The SRC also selects the most prominent and actively engaged students to endorse their applications to our postgraduate courses. We also support and help our students publish and implement findings of their research.

Every year students of all the faculties and departments, who are actively engaged in research and creative work, become new members of Student Research Community. Taking part in scientific conferences, seminars, contests for research papers and innovative projects, and student intellectual games.