S Slavic Cultural Centre

Контактная информация
308036, г. Белгород, ул. Губкина, 53, 1 этаж, 1.2 кабинет
+7 (4722) 51-76-45



  • Innovation Complex
  • Museum and Exposition Complex
  • Scientific and Creative Complex


About us

We are delighted to welcome you at Slavic Cultural Centre. Opened on the 1st of October, 2015, the Centre seeks to introduce to young people the values of Slavic culture, to promote the restoration of traditional cultural objects of spiritual, artistic and historical significance and their further transmission in the sociocultural space of the word’s Slavic-speaking communities. 

The Centre works hard to offer our visitors unforgettable cultural experience and to provide dynamic cultural activities

  • organizing and arranging programmes, events, measures aimed at shaping a consistent information/activity space intended to studying, conservation and transmitting Slavic cultural traditions; 
  • accumulating facilities and resources needed for spiritual, intellectual and creative development of the youth; 
  • providing educational and vocational training services;
  • organising the work of artistic studios and ateliers where young people of the Belgorod region can learn choreography, decorative and applied arts, the art of choir singing, folklore, and ethnography;
  • providing artistic project and exhibition activities;
  • working as museum;
  • creating favourable conditions for innovative development of smaller business enterprises due to economically effective management of the Centre’s potentials and enabling its capabilities in science, information, production and culture;
  • developing links between our institution and scientific and creative communities, and broadening the communication with cultural educators of different levels.