N Russian language courses

Pre-university training of international students is given special attention within educational process. The main aim of education is to prepare students to enter BSUAC or other Russian higher educational institutions and colleges.

The high level of the education provided, favorable prices, comfortable psychological climate, ample infrastructure of the University along with numerous opportunities of student life in Belgorod convince young people from all over the world to choose the courses at BSUAC preparatory department.

Professors’ staff of the preparatory department is experienced professionals working with international students at the initial level of studying. Professors are fluent in foreign languages which help them communicate with students since their first days in Russia.  The courses are delivered on the base of the latest lexical and grammatical educational resources with the support of modern educational methods.

The students of BSUAC preparatory department learn the Russian language, as well as disciplines of chosen specialties: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Country Studying, etc. The major part of one-year training program is acquiring the Russian language, the rest of disciplines depend on the chosen specialization according to further studying at a chosen university. Particular attention is given to academic writing and speech.

Having finished the preparatory course and successfully passed final examinations international students obtain certificate and can continue their education at one of BSUAC faculties, college or at any other educational institution in Russia.


The course price is approximately 89100 rubles per year.*
The cost of living in the dormitory - 1700 rubles per month (paid once a year the total price).*
In addition, upon arrival  a student  must pay for medical examination, medical insurance and visa extension. All together costs about 12000 rubles.*