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  • The Vocal Art
  • Piano
  • Choir Conducting
  • Кафедра теории музыки
  • Theory of Music
  • Folk Instruments
  • Orchestra Instruments



The history of today’s Faculty of Performing Art which formerly existed as S.A. Degtyarev College of Music dates back to May 27, 1959 when Music Training School was opened in Belgorod. Immediately after opening, wind orchestra and symphony orchestra were formed by School’s its first 50 students and 18 young teachers. The latter were graduates of Moscow, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and other music conservatories; they were invited to Belgorod by the School’s first Principal Dmitri Krivorebrenko. In 2009, according to the Decree of the Government of the Belgorod region, Belgorod State Musical College n.a. S. Degtyarev merged into the present educational institution, where in December 2014 it changed its status and became the Faculty of Performing Art. The new Faculty is headed by Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia Mikhail Sharabarin, Vice-Rector for Musical Education.


Teaching/Learning Activity

For the past years, the College has educated and trained about 4.000 specialists: children’s musical school teachers, actors and concertmasters of musical ensembles and many of them are well-known both in the Belgorod region and well beyond. Among them are: Prof. Vladimir Zartskii, professor at the Faculty of Performing Art, Merited Master of Arts Vitalii Slobodchuk, Artistic Director of Belgorod Academy Drama Theatre n.a. M. Shchepkin, Prof. Segei Kurgansky, Doctor of Pedagogy, Heard of Department of Culture of the Belgorod Region, Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia Ass.Prof. Evgeny Aleshnikov, Artistic Director of Belgorod Philarmonia, Prof. Vitalii Sheiko, Doctor of Pedagogy, Rector of Kharkov Institute of Culture and Arts, Victor Muzhchil, a member of National Composers` Union of Ukraine, Mikhail Litvin, a member of Belarusian Union of Composers, Yuri Mishin, a member of the Union of Russian Composers, Dmitry Filatov, Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra of Belgorod Philarmonia, Boris Belogurov, Conductor of the Folk Instrument Orchestra of Belgorod Philarmonia, Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia Vladimir Molchanov, a poet, a member of the Union of Writers of Russia, Head of regional writers' organization, and many other renowned eminent persons and specialists.

The Faculty offers the following undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees: 

Secondary Education programmes

  1. 53.02.03 Instrumental performance 
    • Piano
    • Orchestra string instruments
    • Orchestra wind and percussion instruments
    • Folk orchestra instruments
  2. 53.02.07 Theory of Music
  3. The Vocal Art
  4. Choral conducting

Bachelor’s degree programmes 

  1. 53.03.02 Instrumental Music Art
    • Piano
    • Orchestra instruments: string family
    • Orchestra instruments: wind instruments and percussion family
    • Bayan, accordion and plucked string instruments
  2. 53.03.03 The Vocal Art
    • Classical (academic) singing.
  3. 53.03.05 Conducting
    • Conducting an academic choir
    • The Art of choral singing

Specialist’s Degree programmes

  1. 53.05.01 The Art of Concert Performance
    • Piano
    • Concert String Instruments
    • Concert Wind and Percussion Instruments 

Высшее образование: магистратура

  1. 44.04.01 «Педагогическое образование»:
    • профиль подготовки «Музыкальное исполнительство и педагогика».


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Graduates of the Faculty of Performing Art, grown from S.A. Degtyarev College of Music, now work in Germany, Italy, France, Israel, the USA, Japan, and other countries. We educated and trained more than the half of over 2.000 teachers of children’s music schools of the Belgorod region.

Music festivals and contests make a significant part of students’ life at the Faculty. They serve as an incentive to improve their practice and performance success. Every year our students take part in over 20 music performance competitions in Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, Italy, Ukraine, and Belarus.