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  • General Piano
  • Music Education
  • The Art of Folk Singing
  • The Art of Variety Music and Sound Engineering
  • Research and Educational Centre for Ethnography and Folklore


History of the Faculty

The preset-day Faculty of Music Art was officially organised on September, 1 2005, however, its history goes back much further.

The Faculty exists and functions since 1960 when we were founded. At that time there were only three departments — choir, theatre and music (or folk instruments).

Since the middle of 1970s the music department created programme and department for folk choir.

In 1989 first students were enrolled to variety-jazz department.

Until 1994, each of professional qualifying boards (folk choir, folk instruments, piano, wind instruments, and academic choir) was a part of the institution as an independent structural subdivision.

In September, 1994 the boards were associated and thus formed the Department of Folk Music Art, and Lyudmila Mishchenko, Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia, professor of the classes of orchestra and conducting, was appointed as its head.

In September, 2000 The Department of Folk Music Art was transformed into the Faculty of Folk Music Art. It was headed by Lyudmila Mishchenko. By that time she had already become a professor, Candidate of Sociological sciences. The structure of the Faculty, which previously consisted of four departments: Folk Instruments, Variety Orchestra, Folk Choir, and Piano, extended by three more ones: Decorative and Applied Arts, Theatre, and Choreography.

The Faculty of Folk Music Art underwent changes in September, 2005 became the Faculty of Music Art to include only departments for musical studies and training: Folk Instrument Orchestra, Variety Orchestra and Ensemble, Folk Choir, and Piano.

In 2005, Pavel Zabrodin, Honoured Actor of Russia, and Assistant Professor was elected the Dean.

In 2006, the position of the Dean was taken by Evgeny Aleshnikov, Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia, who presently holds the position of Artistic Director of Belgorod Philarmonia.

In 2008, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Assistant Professor Natalia Tsukanova was elected the Dean of the Faculty.

At present, the position of the Dean is held by Olga Hmelnitskaya, Honored Worker of Secondary Vocational Education, Candidate of Pedagogy, Assistant Professor at the Department of General Piano.


Teaching/Learning Activity

The Faculty of Music Art trains highly qualified professionals in music and Pedagogy. The Faculty provides environments that are friendly to our creative and self-development processes of our future graduates. The Faculty’s teaching staff comprises highly trained and well renowned theoreticians and practitioners of music with great potential in science, teaching and creativity.

The Faculty possesses all necessary facilities to provide successful teaching and learning process: lecture halls, rooms for one-to-one tuition, two saloon music rooms, a modern equipped studio designed to train prospective audio engineers.

The Faculty is a broad and wide-reaching multidisciplinary field which provides exceptional learning environment for every student to succeed at all levels of music proficiency and to pursuit musical excellence both in study and performance.

The Faculty Music Art is designed to train musicians of highest quality and to give every student an opportunity to thrive academically, personally and professionally.

WE offer the following undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees: 

Secondary Education programmes

  1. 53.02.08 Musical Sound Art and Design
  2. 53.02.02 Art of Variety Music 
    • Variety orchestra instruments 
    • Variety Singing
  3. 53.02.05 Solo and choral folk singing

Bachelor’s degree programmes

  1. 53.03.06 Musicology and Applied Musical Art
    • Music Pedagogy
  2. 44.03.01 Pedagogical Education
    •  Musics
  3. 53.03.01 The Art of Variety Music 
    • Variety orchestra instruments
    • Variety–jazz singing
  4. 53.03.04 The Art of Folk Singing
    • Choir folk singing

Specialist’s Degree programmes

  1. Audio Engineering for Mass-Cultural and Concert Performances

Master’s Degree programme

  1. 44.04.01 Pedagogical Education
    • Music education


External Links

The Faculty cooperates with leading academic and cultural institutions of Russia and abroad. Among our partners are The Hajibeyov Baku Academy of Music (Baku, Azerbaijan), The Music Academy in East Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Kharkov State Academy of Culture (Kharkiv, the Ukraine), Kharkov Research guidance centre for cultural heritage conservation (Kharkiv, the Ukraine), H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University (the Ukraine), A.S. Makarenko Sumy State Pedagogical University (Ukraine).

The Faculty’s international cooperation is performed through organizing research-and-practice conferences and also master classes given by the faculty’s professors in educational institutions abroad as well as within our educational institution.