N The beautiful second life of metal

An exhibition of artistic blacksmithing works «The Second Life of Metal» opened on the February 1 in the Centre for Slavic Culture. Everyone interested could see over a hundred pieces of art created by Vladimir Agarkov, Head of training lab workshops, and two artists of the free studio of repoussage — Dmitri Dolzhenko and Vitalii Vorobiev.

The visitors could see metal sculptures of Golden Fish, Steam Locomotive, Guitar, Ship and other ones created using this unique technology of metal waste recycling licensed as «knowhow».

«We were awarded a knowhow certificate in 2015, so were working almost without waste. We use everything: pieces of wire, electrodes are recycled and taken for further work. Later we make from these materials big compositions or smaller objects», — explains Vladimir Agarkov, a member of the Union of Blacksmiths of Russia.

Vitalii shared with us the history of creating the Alien Sculpture. According to him, it was his first work as it is easy to use metal for creating big and awe-inspiring sculptures. Among the possible directions of repoussage, he chose biomechanics and started to refine himself in it. His colleague artist Dmitri Dolzhenko prefers to use light as a part of sculpture, making them brighter and giving them better dimension.

«Any work from metal requires both rich imagination and manual skill: the artist needs to find a good material and to have a great patience to embody his idea in a piece of art. Today we can see the objects the artists worked on for two years», — said Rector Irina Ignatova.