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  • Social-Cultural Activity
  • Publishing and Library Studies
  • Computer Science and Information and Analytic Resources
  • Tourism and Ethnoculture
  • Physical Education
  • Centre for Distance Education


History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Social-Cultural, Information and Library Activity was founded in 2000. Following the general programme of development, the Faculty underwent three structural changes. The Faculty presently comprises  several departments, the three of which — Publishing and Library Studies, Computer Science and Information and Analytic Resources, and Social-Cultural Activity — are degree administration departments.


Teaching/Learning Activity

The Faculty works to bridge the gap between the skills developed through completing a degree at a college or university and the requirements in the sphere of Arts and culture. Blind following the requirements of Federal State Educational Standard isn’t enough, and we take a creative and innovative approach to its implementation. Our teachers train highly competent professionals able to meet competition and to successfully respond to the complex, changing demands of the contemporary social and cultural environment. Most of the Faculty’s facilities and resources are new or constantly modernized. Our professors are continually assisted to enhance their professional growth and development. All this is to provide scientific and methodological support to teaching and learning process. We support new ideas, develop new multimedia information technologies and introduce them to the teaching/learning process and the Faculty along with offering our students and teachers a positive and creative-friendly atmosphere.

The Faculty’s educators take responsibility for the quality of the educational process and the level of students’ professional competences acquired through learning process.  also strongly recognise the role and value of science and research as a part of the teaching/learning process within our higher and secondary education programmes. According to the according to the priorities identified by the Faculty, we are keen to develop students’ involvement in the dual education projects and career guidance.  

Our educators are renowned scientists and talented teachers with a rich academic and research background.

The Faculty offers the following undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees: 

Secondary Education Degrees

  1. 51.02.03 Library Science

Bachelor’s degree programmes 

  1. 51.03.06 Library-Information Activity
    • Technology of automated library and information resources
    • Library and information service management 
    • Informational and analytical activities
    • Library and information provision to information consumers
  2. 42.03.03 Publishing
    • профиль подготовки «Книгоиздательское дело».
  3. 43.03.02 Tourism
  4. 51.03.03 Social-Cultural Activity
    • Social-cultural activity management

Master’s Degree programmes

  1. 51.04.03 Social-Cultural Activities 
    • Social-cultural activity management 
  2. 44.04.01 Pedagogical Education
    • Library and pedagogical education
  3. 51.04.06 Library and information service
    • Theory and methods of library-information activity management

Postgraduate Research Degree by Thesis/Practice-based PhD 

  1. 45.06.01 Language Science and Literary Science 
    • Library Science, Bibliography Studies, Book Studies
  2. 44. 06.01 «Образование и педагогические науки»:
    • профиль «Теория и методика профессионального образования»..


External Links

The Faculty initiates and enters cooperation with other higher education institutions and their departments in order to share experience and best practices to the benefit of our students and their learning.

Among the Faculty’s partner institutes and universities are: Belgorod National Research University (BelSU), Belgorod University of Cooperation, Economics & Law, Belgorod State Technological University (BSTU n.a. V. G. Shukhov), Moscow State Institute (University) of Culture, Tambov State University n.a. G.R. Derzhavin, Kemerovo State Institute of Culture, Orel State Institute of Arts and Culture.

Apart from academic cooperation, several teachers of the Faculty are members of a working group for service and tourism development of the Belgorod Region’s Economic Development Department.

The Faculty welcomes students from more than 20 countries all over the world. Together with Russian students, they discover and experience Russia’s rich cultural heritage and get an insight into traditions of its people.